General audio dictation and recordings

Correspondence, reports, meeting notes, conferences, interviews, group discussions

Medical transcriptions
General practice, medical reports, occupational health reports, medico-legal reports

Transcriptions Times
These can vary greatly, depending upon type of transcript required, clarity of recording, accents, technical content and number of speakers etc.

As a guide, the average person speaks 4-5 times faster than can be typed.  
Based on this, 15 minutes of clearly recorded, fluent, dictation (single
speaker), can take about 1 hour to transcribe.  
For recordings where there
are multiple speakers (such as group discussions) or a full verbatim transcript
is required, this can greatly impact on transcription times to between 7 and
12 times the original recording.

                                                                                    Work can be transcribed from 
                                                                                    modern digital files,
                                                                                       traditional audio cassette tapes, 
                                                                                     typed documents
                                                                                     or handwritten notes.

                                                                                DSS, MP3, WMA, WAV
                                                                               mini / micro cassette

                                          Transcribed 'word for word' as in verbatim transcriptions or edited 
                                          (to omit the 'ums and ers' etc.) or to specific client requirements.

                              Word Processing 
                             Spreadsheets, data entry, mailing labels, document reformatting etc.

                                        Scanning, laminating, comb binding, colour printing, proof-reading