Pricing, Payment & Terms

Hourly rate - from £15 (minimum 30 minutes).
In some cases, a fixed price per project can be quoted.
VAT is not chargeable at this time.
More than happy to negotiate rates for regular/ongoing work.

Materials, such as printing of hard copies, envelopes etc. are an additional
Postage, couriers etc. are chargeable at Royal Mail/courier rates
and payable 
prior to commencement of works.

In some cases, prior to work commencing on a task, a booking form may
required to be signed, signifying acceptance of the specification of the
required, additional materials, hourly rate or fixed price, payment
terms etc.  
Please note, in some instances, a deposit may be required,
prior to 
commencement of work.

                                                                                                        Payment methods                                                                      
                                                                                     Cheque, cash, bank transfer 
                                                                                      or Paypal

                                            All incoming emails, files and discs are scanned for viruses.  
                                            Any emails that have no message with the attachment will
                                            not be opened, 
as a security precaution.

                                          Work which contains illegal or immoral
                                        material will not be accepted.