Confidentiality Clause

All client information will be treated as strictly confidential by JDT Business
and will not be disclosed in any way or manner to third parties (either
directly or 
indirectly) except as required by Law; neither will it be used for the
personal gain of 
JDT Business Support.  This confidentiality clause remains
effective ad infinitum.

Confidentiality Agreements

As JDT Business Support is very familiar working within confidential
environments, it is more than happy to sign (and strictly adhere to)
confidentiality agreements, as it is well aware this is a sensitive issue
many companies, whether off or on site. 

                                                                                        JDT Business Support fully 
                                                                                      complies with the Conditions of the 
                                                                                        Data Protection Act 1998

                                    Privacy Policy

                         JDT Business Support fully respects a client's right to privacy, 
                          therefore all personal information provided is only used in
                         connection with the work being carried out on its behalf and for
                          invoicing purposes.  It is not shared with any third party,
with the express permission of a client, 
                           or as required by Law.